About Us


ARES GROUP PLASTİK AMBALAJ A.Ş. has been serving in its sector with its quarter-century experience. It was established in Kocaeli / Gebze with the identity of an ambitious company in its field, based on meeting customer expectations in the best way. Based on these issues, he is making progress day by day. It continues to serve with its advanced technology and capacity in its renewed production facility in Kocaeli / Çayırova district.


ARES GRUP PLASTİK AMBALAJ A.Ş., in addition to having German and Italian brand advanced technology blow molding machines, also uses the first domestic machines of Turkey's new generation full electric-closed system, of which it is a know-how partner in its production. It has high capacity HDPE, PE and PP processing capability.

ARES GROUP PLASTİK AMBALAJ A.Ş. produces plastic bottles and caps for many companies that have become brands in the fields of medicine, chemistry, food, personal care-cosmetics in the production of polyethylene / polypropylene blown packaging, and also contributes to the product design and production processes.

ARES GROUP PLASTİK AMBALAJ A.Ş manufactures in the production process, especially pharmaceutical and cosmetic product packaging, in areas with positive pressure special air filters and epoxy floors that will prevent contamination, in accordance with GMP requirements.

ARES GRUP PLASTİK AMBALAJ A.Ş has the capacity and ability to make In-House production by integrating into the production line of its customers, based on its customer-oriented working principle. In our In-House solution projects, it can provide great advantages in terms of efficiency, removal of transportation-related costs, sustainability, and production line efficiency.

ARES GROUP PLASTİK AMBALAJ A.Ş has ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2018 Quality management system certificates with a total quality understanding.


ARES GROUP PLASTİK AMBALAJ A.Ş aims to grow steadily with the determination and excitement of being a manufacturer company. Our company, which aims to present its products to its customers at competitive prices and within the requested deadline, without compromising on quality, has adopted the principle of quality and honesty.